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Bishop’s Garden, National Cathedral, June 5, 1999
Back row: Evan, Chris, Stephan, Brian, Bob, Mr. H, Chris, Tyler, (Dan S.), Jamey, Young-Su (from calc.)
Middle row: Corey, Jimmy, Brandon, Garth
Front row: Dan, Trevor, Jake, Alex
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Sat 6/5/99

Commencement! Congratulations to each of you for your years of hard work. Click here for more digital photos from commencement.


Essential Links:
-- College Board: AP Statistics Main Menu
-- HyperStat Online (a complete college statistics course, complete with clickable glossary and lots of great case studies)
-- Instructional demos (many good ones; for example, click here or here to see balls falling through a grid of nails
-- How to study statistics (written by an Australian university professor, but the ideas are valid for our class)
-- Check your HW status: 3rd quarter or 4th quarter
-- Check your grade: 1st semester, 3rd quarter, or 4th quarter

TI-83 Links:
-- TI-83 programs from Texas Instruments
-- More TI-83 programs (untested)

Fun Links:
-- Photos from STA Commencement 6/5/99 (group photo will be available approx. mid-June, so watch this space for updates)
-- Photos from our 5/20/99 field trip to NSA/National Cryptologic Museum
-- Huge Internet gallery of statistics jokes (warning: many are excellent, but some are dangerously lame)
-- Average age at death for rock stars is 36.9 (vs. 75.8 for the overall population). . . this site is very religiously oriented (and apparently sincere), but the reasoning process is seriously flawed. Can you find the problem?
-- A formal mathematical proof that approximately seven shuffles are required for good randomization of a 52-card deck (note: requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
-- Chance Database Welcome Page (this is the link cited in the 4/4/99 Washington Post Unconventional Wiz column)
-- Accident statistics (the taxicab problem)
-- Psychological probability quiz
-- Marilyn is Wrong! (a truly great site, even though it doesn't seem to include Dr. Morse's response to Marilyn yet)
-- Use of Chips Ahoy cookies in statistics
-- The amazing Banach-Tarski Paradox, which apparently permits any sphere to be cut and reassembled into two spheres, each having the volume of the original sphere
-- More fun links on Mr. Hansen's home page

Serious Links (click here)

Class Projects:
1st Quarter (Exploratory Data Analysis)
-- Results
2nd Quarter (Experimental Design and Execution)
-- Results
3rd Quarter (Critique of a Scientific Article)
-- Assignment
4th Quarter (AP Review)
-- D period
-- F period

Extra Credit (for next year, since this year's deadline has passed):
-- ASA Project Competition (note that there's a bad link on the ASA site--you'll need to click here for info on "What is a statistical project?")
-- ASA Poster Competition

Test #1 (Introduction through Section 2.2):
-- Study guide
-- Test #1D--has a residual plot question not found in the F period version
-- Test #1F

Test #2 (Sections 2.3 through 3.4):
-- Mr. Hansen's study guide
-- Eric Love's study guide (1/12/1999 revised version)
-- Test #2 (merged version, with comments)

Test #3 (Chapter 4):
-- Study guide
-- Test #3 (merged version)

Test #4 (Sections 5.1, 5.2, 6.1):
-- Study guide
-- Test #4D
-- Test #4F

Test #5 (Sections 6.2, 6.3, 7.1):
-- Study guide
-- Practice test
-- Answer key for practice test (incl. correction to #18 suggested by C. Muller)
-- Test #5 (merged version)

Test #6 (Sections 7.1-7.3):
-- Practice test
-- Answer key for practice test
-- Test #6D, with answer key

Test #7 (Sections 8.1-8.3, plus Chi-Square GOF):
-- Answer key for sample test problems
-- In-class portion
-- Take-home portion

Test #8 (Section 9.1, plus Geometric Probability Distributions):
-- Take-home test due Wednesday 4/28 at 3:30 p.m.
-- Answer key (not yet released)

AP Exam Review
-- TI-83 Function Summary
-- TI-83 STAT TESTS Summary

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