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M 5/17/99

HW due today: Section 13-3 #3-12 mo3 (show work), 13-36 all (no work)

T 5/18/99

HW due today: Section 13-3 #50-75 mo5, Section 13-4 #3-39 mo3 (OK to use calculator); Quiz on Sections 13-1 through 13-4

W 5/19/99

HW due today: Read Section 15-1 and do #Q1-Q10 all

Th 5/20/99

No class today. However, you have a HW assignment: Section 15-1 #3-12 mo3, plus 18 and 20. Also begin working problems from the practice final exam.

F 5/21/99

HW due today: Finish working all problems from the practice final exam. Compare your solutions against the answer key and prepare a list of your questions. If you have no questions, you will be expected to score a 100 on the final exam!

M 5/24/99

10:00 a.m. Q & A session in Room R or S; Final Exam at 2:00 p.m. in Steuart 101/102

Th 6/3/99

2:00 p.m. Q & A session for SAT II (Mathematics subject test), Room R

Sat 6/5/99

SAT II test day


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Fun Links:
-- A so-called intelligence test with lots of sequences (current high score for our class: 168)
-- An extension of the concept of freshman cancellation
-- National Cryptologic Museum, brought to you by the NSA (No Such Agency)
-- More fun links on Mr. Hansen's home page

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