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(Honors AP Calculus, Period A)

Schedule at a Glance (click here for schedule archives)

W 4/28/99

AP review projects begin (order determined at random; click here for schedule and grading criteria)

Sun 5/9

Practice AP Exam (half-scale), 12:15 - 2:00 p.m., Room S

W 5/14/99

Last day of class before the big day; click here for the 1997 multiple-choice answer key

Th 5/13/99

No class during A period; AP Exam (1:00 p.m.)

F 5/14/99

No class (recovery day)

Sun 5/16/99

Practice AP exam (1:00 p.m.) for those taking exam at alternate time; click here for key to multiple-choice portion

Week of 5/17/99

In-class projects, plus optional field trip Th 5/20/99 to NSA/National Cryptologic Museum. If you’re interested in the field trip, please contact Mr. Hansen to get excused from B, C, D, E, and part of F period. (We will return by approx. 1:00 p.m.)

F 5/21/99

Last day of class / wrapup and teacher evaluations


Essential Links:
-- College Board: AP Calculus Main Page
-- Click here for the 1997 multiple-choice answer key
-- 1st & 2nd Quarter grades
-- 3rd Quarter grades
-- NEW! 4th Quarter grades

Links Based on Class Discussions:
-- Related rates practice problem (not hard, but nicely structured, with step-by-step programmed help if you make a mistake somewhere along the line)
-- Limacon of Pascal (with adjustable parameters)
-- Emergence of Chaos: the graph of equilibrium population as a fcn. of the "adjustable parameter" a we discussed Dec. 14-15, 1998

Links for AP Preparation:
-- AP review project information for our class
-- Alvirne H.S., Hudson, NH (great site!)
-- Temple University: Calculus on the Web (COW)
-- Sample college-level calculus test
-- College Board: AP Calculus Main Page (same as the link you saw above under "essential links")

Fun Links:
-- National Cryptologic Museum, brought to you by the NSA (No Such Agency)
-- An Algebra II problem that has a calculus flavor to it. (This is problem #26 from §11-7 of Foerster's Algebra and Trigonometry: Functions and Applications.) The problem is to determine which sweepstakes prize is better: a $20,000 lump sum or $100 a month for life. Assume 4% annual interest compounded monthly. In part (d), the challenge is to determine how the answer changes if the interest rate changes to 7%.
-- The Mt. Sinai problem and two variations
-- The solution to the brain teaser Arturo posed on Wednesday, 2/17
-- The amazing Banach-Tarski Paradox, which apparently permits any sphere to be cut and reassembled into two spheres, each having the volume of the original sphere
-- The equally astonishing digit-extraction algorithm for calculating pi to the gazillionth place
-- Sound wave analysis (harmonics, Doppler shift, etc.) / excellent site developed by students at TJHSST in Virginia
-- Good problems (some calculus, some not)
-- More fun links on Mr. Hansen's home page

Serious Links (click here)

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