Mr. Hansenís Announcements (most recent first)

9/20/2016: This page, while still useful as a resource for links, is no longer being updated with new assignments. Please click here for the STA onCampus database.

9/7/2016: If you are having trouble getting your assignment from the new learning management system (onCampus), click on the ďcontact informationĒ link and send Mr. Hansen an email message with a subject line beginning with 2 underscore characters.

5/27/2016: Additional office hours! Because there are still 12 people who need to pass the Excelcise, Mr. Hansen will be in MH-102 from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Friday, May 27.

5/24/2016: Mr. Hansenís office hours for exam week are Monday 10:00-2:00, Tuesday 10:00-1:45, and Thursday 10:00-2:00. Note that there are no Wednesday office hours because of a funeral. If you canít finish your Excelcise and/or Must-Pass Quiz during those times, you need to contact Mr. Hansen ASAP!

9/25/2015: Honors Geometry students! Your written assignment for Monday, September 28, is Section 4-5, #7, 8, 9.

9/1/2015: First day of school.

10/17/2014: Honors Precalculus students! If you have not already read pp. 340-350, you should do that now. Work through the examples with a calculator by your side, so that you can verify the correctness of all the steps. Your ß4.6 homework assignment is on Schoology, and your Log Worksheet 1 (the one I couldnít find at the end of class Friday) is posted here. Click on the link to download it; PDF Reader software is required. We will go over the ß4.6 homework assignment and the worksheet in class on Monday.

9/3/2014: First day of school.

5/21/2013: The 10th annual JBAM competition will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (May 21, 22, 24) at 7:27 a.m. each day.

9/5/2012: First day of school. The first student to correctly explain the significance of the number 18364 will win a special prize! If nobody comes up with the correct answer, as designated by Mr. Hansen, then the prize will go to the person with the most interesting and creative answer, as judged by Mr. Hansen. Limit of one entry per student. Deadline is 3:00 p.m. on Friday, 9/7/2012. Answers will be accepted by e-mail only. Be sure to type your name in the body of the message, and use a subject line that begins with two underscores (__). Here is an example subject line:
††††††††††† __Fred Fredricksonís contest entry.

5/22/2012: The 9th annual JBAM competition will be held Wednesday, May 23, at 2:15 p.m. in MH-102.

5/20/2011: Congratulations to JBAM champion Martin P., who won a beautiful light-grey tribble with 2-position electronic mood control (contented/agitated) and to BIG TRIG winner Hank S., who edged defending champion Karl N. in the Most. Exciting. Match. Ever. Martin and Hank are both members of the Class of 2011. Way to go, seniors!

7/9/2010: Click here for the 2010 SPS slides. I have computed standings and statistics from the first quiz, and as promised, the confidence interval quiz answer key is also available now. Here are links to the two TED lectures we looked at: Dr. Arthur Benjaminís plea for statistics reform in the high school curriculum, and Dr. Hans Roslingís use of animated graphs to show trends.

5/20/2010: Congratulations to JBAM champion Tim C. and runner-up Graham T.! Also, congratulations to Chen W., who dominated the first day of BIG TRIG competition at McDonaldís, and Karl N., who mopped up in Big Trig Classic.

10/27/2009: An old friend is no more. The gnarly old cherry tree at the corner of Pilgrim Road and Lych Gate Road was probably present from the earliest days of the school, and the tree was still around during the centennial celebration in October 2009. However, over the summer the tree had become severely diseased, and this past week it was cut down. The photo shows the treeís last big display in April 2009.

7/14/2009: Simpsonís Paradox video (the first in what I hope will be a long series of videos) is now available. I wish to acknowledge Lumina Foundation and Anerian, LLC, for their funding and assistance. There are currently no Simpsonís Paradox video lectures on YouTube!

7/31/2008: Drill and practice quizzes are suggested for students preparing to enter Algebra II.

6/19/2007: Statistics slides for the 2007 School of Public Service are now available.

5/15/2007: Congratulations to defending BIG TRIG champion Paul W., who won again this year! There was also a surprise visit from 3-time winner Brian G. shortly after the end of the competition.

5/8/2007: Congratulations to JBAM winner Jonathan T., who blew away the competition, though not quite as decisively as Patrick B. last year. There were more than a dozen contestants, and all prizes were distributed.

6/29/2006: Cause and Effect slides for the School of Public Service serve as a brief introduction to statistics.

2/21/2006: Congratulations to all BIG TRIG competitors, especially Honors Division winner Paul W. and 3-time Regular Division winner Brian G.!

5/12/2006: Congratulations to JBAM grand champion Patrick B., who completely ran away with the contest, shredding all competitors!

1/6/2006: MODD wraps up its first for-credit semester!

10/27/2005: Mr. Hansenís sweet ride (a rental, alas)

9/7/2005: Grand Opening of MODD (Mathematics Of Digital Data), taught here for the first time ever

4/28/2005: The MODD course announcement for Fall 2005 is now available. Any student who has completed Geometry or above is eligible to enroll.

4/21/2005: Congratulations to JBAM champion Ben R. (a.k.a. Salmon) and runner-up Brian B.!

4/12/2005: Congratulations to BIG TRIG winners Alan C., Nick T., and Brian G.!
(Also to runners-up Joey K. and Paul W.,
and to screwdriver winners Michael V. and Gabriel M.)

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