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Are you nervous when you see NCWEE? concerned when you see CIRC? perturbed when you see PBC? Visit Mr. Hansen’s fabled abbreviations page to make sense of those cryptic markings you see on your papers.


Schedule at a Glance (see archives for older entries)
Written assignments should follow the HW guidelines.


F 1/5/07

Quiz on yesterday’s class discussion. If you were absent, then obtain someone’s notes or read Chapter 8 in the textbook. There is no makeup for this quiz except in the case of dire emergency. (Finishing a paper for another class does not qualify, for example.)

Semester review. Study last year’s midterm exam to see the level of thought and complexity that will be expected. The questions will, of course, be different this year. Because the class is larger, there will probably be fewer essay questions and more short-answer or multiple-choice questions. However, you can definitely count on a few thought-provoking essay questions.


M 1/8/07

Midterm Exam, 11 a.m., Steuart 202. This is the time that we voted on and agreed on.


W 1/10/07

Conflict Exam, 11 a.m., Room R. You may not take the exam at this time unless you have personally made special arrangements with Mr. Hansen.


F 1/12/07

No Exam, 11 a.m., Steuart 202. This is the time originally posted on the exam schedule. However, no exam will be offered at this time.


Links Based on Class Discussions:
-- Latest revision of our MODD course outline from 2005, before we had a good textbook to use
-- Homemade “Segway”-like balancing scooter uses a fair amount of calculus!

Serious Links:
STA School Handbook
-- Summer math camps for talented high school students
-- Click here for other serious links

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